Most mornings, we get the coffee pot cranking and a fresh-tasting “cup of joe” comes out. It hits the spot and can be the spark to get us moving.

But is it the caffeine in the coffee that gets us going or the feeling we get from the process of going through this and the taste we get from it?

I find a parallel between this and social media. There can be a fine line between using social media as a tool and it consuming our precious time.

On one hand, we can convince ourselves that posting online is growing some greater following and “scrolling” is us researching, engaging, and learning. It can be a slippery slope if what was supposed to be a few minutes turns into 27 and we’ve missed other opportunities due to the frequent need to appear busy.

Time is precious and what we decide to spend our time on becomes increasingly important as the sands of time start trickling away.

Be careful to recognize the “feeling” of being busy versus actually putting in meaningful and impactful work. There is a difference and we often underestimate it.