The sooner you realize all of our paths are messy and squiggly, it will provide a broader landscape of hope and possibility for the days ahead.

Because we don’t know what will happen.

→ Who will I run into that impacts my life tomorrow?

→ Will the job that I think is safe still be there?

We can only control so much. And then we have to let go and let life happen.

So why wouldn’t we go for what we want? Sure, we might fail. But we also might succeed.

Maybe the failure is something we can’t control but it might lead to an amazing opportunity.

It’s what happened to me when I got laid off in 2014. I was devastated. I had been working a corporate sales job for 5 months and doing very well. Life was good.

But, the company was sold at the end of March that year and our Raleigh office heard “from the grapevine” that our small team here would be let go by the end of June.

Spring time came and it happened. July 1st, 2014 I was unemployed. I had started to look for jobs recently but now had to ramp it up. I didn’t know what would happen or where I’d end up.

Had I got another job at another company my life might have gone down a completely different path. It most certainly would’ve.

But, through a fateful LinkedIn message to a friend I ended up at a small startup. The Founders of that company are still my mentors today.

The details aren’t as important as the lesson.

Embrace what is right in front of you. 

“Use the difficulty” as I heard it once said by the great actor, Michael Caine.

We can look at life through whichever lens we choose. I choose optimism. I choose a positive perspective.

Because I know the path is crooked and we’re going to run into walls and diverge down random paths we never would’ve dreamt up in our wildest dreams.

Embrace it, don’t try to control it. 

Enjoy what you have in front of you today and work to make the best decisions that lead you where you want to go tomorrow.

You may not get there or it might end up being someplace completely unimaginable but it’s become your path. It’s become a part of you because although you can’t control every aspect, you control the decisions you can make at the moment.

And that led to the next moment, whether you had planned it or not.

Because our best-laid plans fall flat anyway.

The path changes unexpectedly.

We just have to make sure our navigational beacon is pointed somewhere in that direction and then we have to let the current take us where it’s going to take us.

We can only control what we can control.