My 10-year-old son finished the “Go-Giver” recently. It’s one of the most beloved business books with the central theme around giving.

I asked him to recap the most valuable lessons he learned from reading the book. I share them below exactly as he shared them with me.

1. Money isn’t everything – there can be other things that have value instead of just money.

2. The key to successful giving is to be open to receiving – you have to be open to receiving from others. If you’re not open to receiving you’re taking away someone else’s chance to give.

3. People aren’t always what they seem – You might think that one person is something but they might be different from what you were thinking they were initially.

Kids have the capacity to learn if we expose them to the opportunity for it.

The “Go-Giver” wouldn’t be considered a book for kids but its structure and story lend themselves nicely.

The lessons are timeless.

Our kids will surprise us with what they can handle.

Don’t be afraid to let them step outside the box and explore.