What is it about a warm cup of coffee that makes us feel good?

Maybe it’s the taste first thing in the morning.

It definitely hits the spot.

But how much it is about the memories? Whether we drink it daily or periodically, there’s always something about that first sip.

It’s never rushed. There’s a moment of stillness. A heightened level of joy as it hits us.

It’s an instant flashback to hundreds of moments; an after-dinner coffee with friends, a fresh cup while standing on the first tee, or overlooking the mountains on a crisp morning.

That first sip brings us back. Back to the simple things in life. Back to times when we were present.

At that moment. When nothing else mattered.

Maybe it’s just a sip of coffee. Who knows.

Finding that peace, joy, and stillness, throughout our day, however, we can get it, should be something we all strive for more often.