Starting always takes energy, lots of energy. No matter what it is.

I was watching my son on the playground swing the other day and it reminded me of this fact. When you start on the swing it is very labor-intensive, assuming you are doing it yourself. You have to work back and forth to build up the speed and intensity to keep it going.

And then, at some point, it sort of just flows. We don’t have to fight it as much.

There is a lesson somewhere hidden in there.

We put a lot of decisions and contemplation on the table when trying to start something. Maybe there is a game plan we think we need to put into place. We might even have to juggle a schedule and “find” the time. There is a lot of energy expelled.

We are constantly trying to put all of the pieces together prior to starting something that we forget that the act of starting, the sheer process of putting one foot forward, is enough.

We don’t have to figure it all out on day one nor should we want to. Things will flow more smoothly and the momentum to create will build each and every time we put practice into whatever we are trying to go after.

Of course, there will be obstacles, but we have to let those naturally come into the mix as we progress versus creating artificial blockades right out of the gate.

If we start creating great energy from the onset we’ll be in a better flow state sooner with an increased chance to keep the momentum moving us forward.