3 years ago today I made a decision. I was going to commit to writing 3 blog articles a week, every week. In that time I’ve published over 460 blog articles and have been humbled by the response.

So, today, I’m sending a special Sunday edition to make an ask for the first time.

Consider subscribing to the blog.

If you’re already a subscriber, thank you! Would you please pass this along to five colleagues, friends, or family members and ask them to subscribe?

It’s totally free and I never sell or spam. I respect the community too much to do that.

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Super simple!

I hope you’ve gained value with this blog whether you’ve read one or many.

I wanted to share my journey on a deeper level so that it might spark someone else to just get started.

I love writing but did it in private for many years, in a journal, trying to expose new ideas and challenge my thinking. If no one read this blog I’d still write it.

It’s about the practice not the outcome. It’s about continuing to test my assumptions and battle the complacency of thinking I know it all.

→ I hope that’s a lesson you’ve learned from this.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making progress and that comes at all different speeds. There is no shot clock or finish line. There’s just the practice of continually improving our lives, whatever that looks like for each of us.

I’m grateful to have you a part of this journey and if there is anything I could do to support yours, I’m just a “reply” away.

Thank you!

just get started,