I used to teach junior golf when I was a PGA Professional and there is one thing I observed countless times that is very true.

The most independent kids and fastest learners are able to make mistakes, work through the answers, and solve the problem without parenting intervention. They might have struggled or have asked a lot of questions but they learned.

If parents are readily giving their kids the answers, doing things for them, and waiting on them for everything then the kids don’t learn as fast and cannot be self-reliant in emergency situations. They have a hard time thinking on their own and solving real-world problems.

With this comes self-doubt. They are always looking over their shoulder for an answer instead of acting at the moment.

Before we intervene, be sure it is actually necessary. A little struggle and life lesson learning isn’t such a bad thing for our kids and it can make them much more resilient and well suited for a world that doesn’t care if they are prepared or not.