Go deep to spring into new heights.

One technique that is taught to kids during swimming lessons is to sink to the bottom in order to spring yourself up to the top. 

It sounds counterintuitive but sometimes going deeper gives us leverage. 

The same can be said for handling emotions. 

The mistake we often make is avoiding or distracting ourselves from the feelings we are witnessing. This causes a longer tail of stress and often starts to weigh down other areas of our life. 

Instead, be willing to go deep and feel all the feelings. 

Although difficult, it helps make the suffering short lived. 

We let it out of us and start to accept where we are and where we need to go. 

It doesn’t mean it’s solved, it means it has become manageable. 

When in doubt, don’t flounder near the surface. 

Go deep and propel yourself toward a new way to breathe in life.