Specificity – the quality of belonging or relating uniquely to a particular subject

A dog collar, a hammer, a tennis racket, and a swimsuit.

These products have literally nothing in common with one another.

But any of these objects are valuable to the right audience.

It’s when we pick the wrong audience and try to sell them something they don’t need that everything can go sideways. We get discouraged and try to change the marketing materials, product appearance, add new features, or scrap it altogether.

We think the market doesn’t want what we are offering but maybe we were shouting in the wrong room of people.

Tailor your message to a very specific market in a way that attracts the most viable buyers because you solve a real need for them. Get as hyper-specific as possible.

If you can pinpoint the right audience and focus intently on them then you won’t have to guess for long if your product or service is valuable as your ideal clients will do that for you.