Embracing a “slow summer” is what I’ve been working toward.

But it is hard on the psyche.

I’ve conditioned myself to always be “on”. To work continuously and progress my projects. A day off meant I was behind in some way.

So I’m working to change that.
I’m working on slowing down this summer.

Spending more time with my son.
Getting outside and enjoying nature.
Challenging myself with new experiences

Being thoughtful about my path forward instead of hurried in my pursuit.
…and being okay with all of it.

We are never behind. That’s a story we make up in our heads to convince us we should be doing more.

There’s a time to speed up and a time to slow down. Each of us has to decide for themselves what that means in their own life and when it makes sense to prioritize certain people or things.

For me, I’m prioritizing a lot of things over my work this summer and I’m not beating myself up for it.

I’m not trying to compare myself to others “getting after it” or “grinding”. That’s for them to decide on their own. And I support them in their efforts.

But that’s not for me, not this summer.

This summer I’m taking it slow.

Hope to see you out there!