Evolution, by definition, is inevitably slow. Change is happening but it can be so incremental you may not even realize it’s happening.

When we say someone has “evolved”, it’s a testament to consistency over time and recognizing change needed to happen and they were willing to put in the work to achieve that outcome.

We see others have achieved (insert whatever you are comparing) and often forget that it might have taken years for them to get to this spot. It wasn’t overnight. It never is.

And that’s where we can miss it. That’s where we can become short-sighted. Impatience can be the unruly neighbor in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood. Impatience can disturb the seed that you planted long ago, growing roots in the ground and ready to sprout, but you stop watering it because you haven’t “seen” growth yet.

Change happens on the inside for far longer before it might expose itself out into the world.

Be okay with things taking time as long as you trust you are on the right path. Just because the road isn’t paved doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be traveled.