You won’t become great by learning a skill.

You become great by building an ecosystem that supports that skill.

It can apply to all facets of life.

When I started CrossFit I would’ve had average results if I solely focused on lifting weights.

I had to create a Morning Routine.
I had to create a Bedtime Routine.
I had to have a beginner learner mindset.
I had to prepare for the day ahead better.
I had to change what I ate during the day.
I had to change when I ate during the day.
I had to show up on the days I didn’t feel like it.

These new foundations in my life, that never existed before, were created.

I wouldn’t be close to what I have achieved if they hadn’t been.

This applies to the skill or activity you are learning.

Have you built the ecosystem to support your endeavor?

If not, what habits can you add or eliminate today to support it?

Now is never a bad time to start.