What did the world do pre-social media? I am trying to remember.

What did we occupy our time with when we didn’t have mind-numbing apps to scroll through and consume.

There are certainly benefits to social media, we’ve all experienced those.

But at what cost? 

I learned a lot from the Social Media Detox I did for the entire month of January 2020 (read/listen here – https://brianondrako.com/all/socialmediadetox/ ) and have realized I am falling back into some of those poor habits again. It means it’s time for a detox again and I’d encourage one for you, too, if you feel you might be on a bit too much.

Try it for 3 days, 7 days, 30 days, whatever you want.

Delete the Apps off your phone to make them harder to access.

Find something else to replace them with; Podcasts, Writing, Thinking.

Assess how you are feeling afterward.

You can get it under control which will not only help in the short term but it will help recognize at later points down the road when you are starting to stray a bit as you’ll recognize the patterns.

Try it and you might find out that you haven’t missed much at all and you’ve gotten more accomplished and feel more focused in your pursuits.