I was looking back at a picture from last year and it reminded me of one of the most forgotten lessons we learn again and again in life.
We have no clue what is going to happen.
I was on a mountain in Sedona, AZ and I met this girl who was hiking simultaneously. She only lived 2 1/2 hours from my home in Raleigh and would come there often because her parents lived there, too.
It was a “fairy tale” story.
4 days later we were having dinner 1500 miles away in Raleigh. You could’ve written the script right then. Two people fall in love on a mountain, the rest is history.
→ But that’s not what happened.
We dated for a few months but the long-distance relationship wasn’t to be. It didn’t make sense to keep it going. We had to make mature decisions that were hard to make.
And that’s the lesson here.
Life moves a mile a minute and we encounter so much that we need to find ways to organize it in our heads. Make some sense of it. Feel like there is some order.
Maybe there’s not.
Because of that breakup, it made me go back to work on defining what I wanted. It made me get back out and date actively, something I hadn’t done in almost 2 years, and it allowed me to bump into amazing new people and adventures that I otherwise wouldn’t have encountered.
We can’t script life. It isn’t a movie. Even if we could, why would we want to?
The serendipity of it all makes it more exciting and fruitful in the end.
Let’s face it, we think we know what we want but we don’t actually know until it hits us hard.
How often do we say, “I never would’ve dreamed that up but I’m glad it happened that way.”
So we should stop trying so hard.
Throw the script out and let life happen to us.
That’s really how you make “movie magic”!