I am widely considered one of the best rowers at our CrossFit gym.

Maybe it’s the tall frame, a “gear” I could turn on when needed, who knows.

I always seemed to finish first or close to first anytime we row during a MetCon workout (Metabolic Conditioning).

I started to think “Have I hit my max performance? Can I get better than this?”

If you think you can’t improve, chances are you’re hanging around the wrong people.

That’s when Joel showed up and kicked my ass. 

Joel was a collegiate rower. He’s powerful while being smooth. I kept wondering “How does he continually beat me? What am I missing?”

→ So I asked him. I listened. I learned. 

One of the big keys was that my “Strokes per minute” was too high. I was raising my heart rate unnecessarily which slowed me down as I got deeper into the exercise.

He taught me how the rower works and gave me a great visual to think about how to keep it “spinning” faster.

You can be one of the best around you but not as effective as you could be.

Be open to not knowing it all.

Be open to being vulnerable.

Be open to being wrong.

Maybe there is a Joel in your life that could help you become better.

You just have to be willing to ask them for help.