There are a variety of things we need in order to get to a place of true happiness on a constant basis. Although a lot of the work comes from shedding our labels including self-limiting beliefs, the other side of the coin is about our purpose.

Purpose can be a lot of things but it is not a job, or a career, or a thing we have to do.

It’s a thing we are called to do. Something we feel a desire to pursue because of how it will help us discover deeper happiness and bring hope and a positive impact to others.

Purpose can only happen when you let your mind break free of the shackles of common thinking. Go to college, get a job, work in a said environment for said hours per week, collect the paycheck. It’s hard to develop and fulfill a purpose this way.

We need to be willing to expose ourselves to situations that make us shine and come alive. This can happen when we are willing to do the work of discovering who we are and what we truly want to spend our time doing.

This is only possible by trying new things, opening our minds to new thinking, or letting go of how we thought it was supposed to be.

We lead towards our purpose by changing the very thing that has always gotten us in the way of finding it; Ourselves.