I imagine there we people in 1823 writing down their thoughts, their fears, and their desires for a better world. They were trying to craft new inventions and believing that they could make a greater impact.

They pushed forward.

They tinkered and failed.

They wanted better for themselves

They wanted a better world for their children.

But why?

Why do any of us strive to do anything more than sit around and let life pass by?

It comes down to purpose. It gives the great days momentum and the bad ones hope for a better tomorrow.

Purpose can be anything. It doesn’t have to be grandiose. It doesn’t have to be landing on Mars. It just has to be real to each of us.

What do we feel at our core?

What do we believe the world should look like?

Where can we make an impact?

That’s our purpose.

If you’ve “found it” then you know. If you haven’t then you aren’t that far behind.

You just have to start looking, trying, testing and tasting. You have to be willing to trust your instincts and respect what your thoughts are guiding you toward.

In time, it’ll click. Something inside you that gives you that focus you haven’t witnessed before. That fire to want to do more. The willingness to step out of the warm blanket of comfort and be naked to the world.

It makes us alive, again and again, as we dig deeper and learn more. We may not be understood by others around us but we understand ourselves more than we ever have before.

That’s what we should all strive for.

That’s what makes life worth living.

That’s the purpose.