How did a PGA Golf Professional become a Top-performing Sales professional?

→ Help.

I didn’t know it while going through it but humility was my ally. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and was open to learning.

→ Jonas Kleiner was my first Sales Manager and taught me about the sales process, cold calling, and “asking” for the business.

→ JT Rimbey taught me all about the power of relationships ( and, I also distinctly remember him telling me I was monotone on a demo -> which changed the entire trajectory of my career)

→ Daniel McCauley gave me insight into how to go deeper into discovery and uncover the real problem behind what the potential client may be saying.

→ Rob Munz taught me all about empathy.

Anyone who accomplishes anything has a team behind them to do it.

From a long-time mentor to a short-lived conversation, all of it molds us into the people we become.

Who has helped shape your life/career the most?

Might be a good time to send them a text and let them know.