The pop culture phenomena that we become awestruck with were made up of people just like you and me.

From a mixture of environment, observation, imagination, twisted reality, hard work, and a touch of luck these creations came into being.

Think Harry Potter or Hamilton, Mickey Mouse or Marvel, Toy Story or Transformers.

Something being adopted as “mainstream” or “popular” was once scribbled and scrutinized by its various creators.

Nobody was going to like them and it wasn’t going to work.

Until it did.

We might not have the next Harry Potter written but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put in the effort to make the attempt.

It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do the thing we want to do and keep iterating when we feel compelled.

We may not have the next pop culture creation but our thing will be a success to us and those we surround ourselves with.

That’s all that should matter and it should be the motivation we need to start.