Where do we find peace?

Is it in the early mornings before the world wakes up?
Is it when we can find any quiet place?
Is it on a walk around the block?
Is it in deep conversations?

Peace means stillness. It means serenity. It means our minds feel balanced and free.

When we become frustrated we must stop and ask ourselves how we got here.

How have we given this time to everyone else and not ourselves?

Our lives can be very chaotic and we must find these pockets of peace.

We need that time. It’s precious. It balances us.

We schedule out many other seemingly insignificant tasks and meetings, surely we can put something on the calendar for our mental health?

Call it our “Personal Peace Practice” if we must and plan time every day.

It’s mandatory. It can’t be missed.

Soon it’ll start to be the one we look forward to over all others.