I was speaking with a friend at a party recently and she said she had a lot of things she wanted to do once the kids were settled into school and their new house was all finished.

I asked, “What’s the one thing that tops the list?”  

→ Her eyes lit up. She brought a smile to her face. And she poured out her idea.

I could see the enthusiasm and excitement in her and the energy lifted her up.

Then I asked, “What’s the one step you can take to get started?”

Because that’s where most great ideas lay to rest.

The energy and excitement are there but we think so far down the line.

The goal seems so far out of reach.

It’s overwhelming.

But the first step isn’t. 

It’s minuscule in the grand scheme of things but it has to happen to get us on our way. There’ll be a thousand tiny steps along the way. Some are more important than others.

→ But that first step. That one that gets you moving. the one right in front of you

That ends up being the only one that matters at this point.