30 years ago I had my first job delivering newspapers for the Press & Sun Bulletin in Endicott, NY.

This was an opportunity to make my own money but what I didn’t realize at the time was the work ethic and life skills I learned along with it.

→ Getting up at 5:30 am every morning, rain or shine, even if I was sick, without my parents waking me.

→ Walking out on the streets alone and behind houses in near darkness

→ Being responsible for collecting money bi-weekly from all of the houses

I had that job for 6 years and took maybe 1-2 weeks of vacation per year.

It was a grind but I never thought about it as a grind.

→ It was what had to be done to get what I wanted.

And that’s what makes me curious about the next generation…what is going to be their “Paper route?”

Where will they learn…

  • Work ethic?
  • Discipline?
  • Being Self-sufficient?
  • Showing up when they don’t feel like it?

The days of the Paper Route are long gone. Soon enough, if we’re not careful, so will our kids’ understanding of work ethic and getting the job done even under the most difficult circumstances.