It takes less time than you think.

→ That’s the punchline.

I often hear the same excuses.

“It’s going to take a lot of work”

“I don’t have the time”

“It’s too hard”

All of those are true, in some realm of imagination.

Of course, things are hard at first.

Of course, getting better takes work.

Of course, other things occupy our time.

→ You’re not wrong. You’re unfocused.

It’s not about the outcome of becoming world-class, it’s about setting an achievable output goal when you begin.

My son and his bandmates had their first winter band concert last month.

5 months removed from ever picking up an instrument, reading music, and playing together as a group.

If their goal was to “learn an instrument” they’d either get frustrated or quit because how would they know when they’ve “learned it?”

→ That’s a silly goal but it’s one we set for ourselves often.

I want to get better at ________

I want to improve _________

I want to learn how to _________

Instead, they set a specific goal: Play 3 specific songs by a specific date.

→ They didn’t worry about all of the nonsense of some arbitrary “greatness”

  • They remained focused.
  • They worked tirelessly as a team.
  • They overcame the hurdles of starting.

But, as you will hear in the video. → They accomplished their goal.

They may have wanted to learn an instrument but they didn’t have that as the intention.

That just sort of got in the way of achieving the specific output goal they had in front of them.

Stop overthinking.

Pick a specific target.

Get started.

It may not sound perfect but that was never the goal in the first place.