Anxiety is a real thing. We should accept it as such and understand that it will happen to us over and over again. 

There may be many causes but one that surfaces most often is our ability, or lack thereof, to control an outcome. 

When we are waiting we are anxious. Because we want the answer to go one way but know there is some level of probability it won’t. So we have doubts. Which causes anxiety to flood our bodies. 

This is where we can use questions to calm ourselves. 

What do we want the outcome to be?

Why do we want it that way?

What’s the worse that happens if it doesn’t go that way?

How will we react given unfavorable news?

What are the alternatives we haven’t considered?

By preparing mentally for answers or outcomes that we might not be able to control, comfort comes with internal understanding. It comes with acceptance. 

It’s not that we don’t want certain things to happen but it’s accepting that they might not and being okay with that outcome. It doesn’t happen randomly. We have to invest the time in surfacing these feelings in order to face them head-on. 

We might be anxiously awaiting an outcome but we can help ourselves by understanding why we are even anxious in the first place. 

We can create a space of patience and calmness that ends up helping us well after this specific event passes by. 

Because the next anxious moment is right around the corner and it would serve us well to learn how to handle it.