A “nudge” might be all we need to help push the boulder in our way to the side.

That happened to me during a CrossFit workout recently.

I had taken off several days and could feel that I hadn’t fully gotten my endurance back. This workout was exhausting for me.

With the time cap a few minutes away, I didn’t think I’d finish. I had hit a mental blockade and resigned myself to the fact that it was okay to slow down and coast into the finish.

And then one of my fellow peers stepped in who had already finished.

He pushed me from one movement to the other. He counted me down. He held me accountable.

I finished in the allotted time.

I was capable of it but I mentally exhausted the effort that I could do it.

And that’s when the support of others is crucial.

They know your best.

They know what you are capable of.

They won’t let you sell yourself short.

We can’t do it all alone. Sometimes the belief in ourselves comes from the belief that others have in us.

We must be open to that encouragement and use that energy to push us farther ahead.

It’s a slight nudge while we are on the swing.

That one small push can be exactly what we need to keep the momentum going.