Some days are not our best. We get tired, stressed, and don’t always have it together.

It happens.

When it happens we have to recognize that it’s only short-lived and we’ll get back to normal soon enough. Recognizing that this is the ebb and flow of life can help us stay positive and not get too down on our poor performance or circumstance as we realize we can get back to our normal self tomorrow.

However, if it becomes more of a consistent pattern then we need to analyze the root cause.

Have we changed our sleep patterns?
Are we eating differently?
Have we changed our exercise?
Are we stressing or worrying over something?

Inevitably we’ll go through spouts that knock us off our normal routine and it’s recognizing this early that’ll help expedite a solution and start working toward that better direction.

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask yourself these types of tough questions. Although we may not like to admit the correct answers all the time it’ll be worthwhile to our long-term mental state and help us get out of the rut much sooner.