Have you woken up in the middle of the night, couldn’t fall back to sleep, and are pondering what the fuck you’re doing with your life?

It’s me. Hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.

I think anybody that cares about something meaningful goes through this. 

Like are we doing enough?

I don’t know, really. I don’t have the answer. But I have questions I’m asking myself.   

What is enough? 

Why do I feel I’m always behind?

Is the pressure I’m putting on myself necessary? 

The answers come when we’re willing to sit with these uncomfortable and squirmy questions. 

I don’t have the answer for you. I barely have the answer for myself, yet. 

But the good news is that we are in it together. We all have restless nights and worry that we are not enough. That our life has somehow spun out of control and we aren’t sure what it holds for us next. 

All I can say is that we’ve been here before. This isn’t the first time we’ve dealt with these fears, anxieties, stressors, and mental blockades. 

But this time it may be the first time we finally become aware of why it’s happening…If we’re willing to answer a few simple questions. 

Sit with it for a while. Scribble some notes. Let whatever flows out be what it is. No judgment or editing. 

Just pure emotion. 

You may not be writing yours at 4:23 am because you can’t sleep but I’d challenge you to carve out just 5 minutes today. 

Allow your mind to ponder the reasons why you struggle and where it stems from. Although the answers are difficult to digest they become the start of a new way of thinking. 

They become a catalyst for change. 

They may even help you sleep better tonight, too.