Inevitably, the holidays will come here soon and distractions upon distractions will once again give us the excuse to “just relax” until the new year. 

But, we’ve fallen into that trap far too often. We know that once the new year hits we’ll face more challenges that continue to push us away from what we really want to be doing. 

So Start now. Start to put a plan together today and start acting on it. 

Use November to be Morevember (corny, yes) but if it helps then let’s use it. 

What have you wanted to start in 2021 that you haven’t yet?

  • Reading a certain book
  • A home project
  • A business idea

Use this time before the holidays get ramped up to start. Block just 30 minutes this week to plan out how you are going to work on this through the holidays or tackle this project when it gets “busy”. What do the next few weeks look like until the New Year? 

Some ideas:

  • Every Weds morning you wake up 30 minutes earlier to put time toward it. 
  • Each day you block 10 minutes off at lunch to focus on the project 
  • Get a friend to join and have an accountability partner to go get coffee once a week to focus on it. 

Figure out something. It doesn’t matter. 

Thanksgiving will be here in a matter of days (or has already passed depending on when you read this) and then once December hits we can forget about it. We kick the can down the road another month. January is here before we know it.  

New Years’ resolution time! We make these resolutions that never stick. 

They don’t stick because we haven’t built the habit and routine into our day. 

Start that process now and when January rolls around we’ll already have momentum because we’ve put a plan in place. 

I’m almost certain this year’s New Years’ resolution will stick. 

This year will be different because you are different. 

You’ve made a commitment to change. 

Not because of some arbitrary date change on a calendar but you’ve changed your mindset to start putting time into what you want and what you think is important. 

That’s when real change starts to happen.

That’s when we start to pile up the progress.

That’s how habits start to stick.