Opportunities surface in strange ways and unexpected places. They can surprise us.

We are going along fine and then we are hit with a rush of emotion, excitement, and potential. We have a chance to act on it.

But sometimes we don’t. We must understand why?

Why would we pass it up? What harm could come out of pursuing it? Why do we feel we are not worthy enough to test this new endeavor?

Sometimes the questions are easier to ask than they are to answer. But the answers are in there if we are willing to sit with them.

We must be holding onto what makes us feel unworthy of the pursuit.

Dig for it.

Find it.

Let it surface.

Expose it for what it is and uncover the root cause of how it got there.

We may not resolve it right away but at least we can face it head-on. We create an open dialogue with ourselves.

We give ourselves the opportunity to grow.

We give ourselves a chance when the next moment arises.

Because it might turn out to be something that stops us in our tracks, makes us turn around, and head us in a new direction we never would’ve imagined.