There’s a reason we call consistent maintenance on our vehicles “routine” or “preventive”. It’s so that we don’t go without checking in and understanding where it needs some work before it breaks down completely.

How honest are we with ourselves about our own “routine maintenance”?

Do we prioritize this at all?


  • We are scattered each day with no consistent schedule
  • We prioritize others before prioritizing ourselves
  • Are always feeling like we are behind
  • Are never satisfied with the results.

Then it might be time for a check-in.

Asking ourselves questions like:

  • Why are we not holding ourselves accountable for specific scheduling of activity, sleep, etc?
  • Why are we unwilling to give ourselves time before we let others control it?
  • Why does this always get chopped in favor of other “priorities”?
  • Why do we do so much and feel it’s not enough?
  • Are most of these tasks even important to us?

We have to prioritize the “check-in” and it can’t be once a year like our annual physical.

It needs to be constant. It needs to become routine.

Otherwise, we have gotten so out of whack that we aren’t sure where to begin.

Start now.

Get ahead of it.

Make it a routine practice.

We’ll prevent a complete breakdown and save ourselves a lot of heartache in the process.