Don’t fall for the misdirection, the rabbit being pulled out of the hat, the flash mob.

We are often blinded by the “vocal minority” and the “dog and pony show” that is going on.

It dominates the narrative but we can’t fall for the trap of getting sucked into it.

Be skeptical. Be curious. Ask questions.

Are we being fed the truth or is it only partially true?

Seek out the truth yourself.
Don’t get lazy.
Go deeper.

It takes courage to question the things that are ingrained in us but it is one of the important parts of growth.

If we can question our own beliefs then what else can we question? What else is appearing to be the truth that may end up not being correct at all?

Are we going to believe the rabbit magically appeared in the hat or is there another side of the story that we would be willing to consider?