Do you know who Lenny Williams is?

What if I told you it was almost this guy…

At age 6 when Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was getting into acting, an agent they were talking to wanted him to change his name because it sounded too “ethnic”.

But, his parents refused. It was a mix of their heritage; Italian and German.

As we think about it now, could you imagine Leo with any other name?

What’s the lesson we can learn here?

Just because someone is considered an “expert” in their field doesn’t mean they know what’s best for you.

Their opinions are rooted in their life experiences and what has appeared to work for them. They may not be always looking out for your best interest.

We have to go with what feels right.

We have to be true to ourselves.

We have to follow our gut.

Who knows if Leonardo DiCaprio would’ve ever been as big of a household name if he used the name Lenny Williams but I’m confident he never would have been if he used that agent.