We can all lose our heads amidst chaos and stressful situations. We are not immune to this.

But we have to continue to tap back into our core values and our original vision statement for the future. Far too often when we get sucker punched it is because of the lack of preparation in the first place. We had a rosy picture of the future but forgot to plan for the tough days ahead that were inevitable.

How often have we asked the question “Why did I do that?” as a reactive response to when something happens to go wrong instead of proactively asking “What are some of the things that may go wrong or maybe barriers if I make this decision?”

Had we done the latter, initially, we’d have something to look back on and give us a sense of peace that we knew these things were going to happen and that we planned our minds for this exact situation and “This too shall pass.” 

Prepare for the pitfalls but don’t let them prevent you from going with your intuition and the direction you want to pursue. We can paint up a perfect ending in our minds but we have to be realistic that there will be challenges. 

Uncover those, store them away in your mind, and recall them when times get tough. 

Patience will then prevail.