Kids smile whenever they see something that makes them smile.

They laugh whenever something gets their attention that is funny.

They wear the most random clothes at times because they don’t care so much about their appearance.

They are authentic and energetic and almost always honest.

They are kind and compassionate and wear their emotions on their sleeve.

They tell you exactly what they like and don’t like and spend time doing what makes them happy.

And that is where our ego as adults clearly gets in the way.

We spend the better part of our time trying to teach our children all the things they should be doing, how they should be behaving, and what they should be focusing on.

We think we know all of the answers because we’ve lived longer and experienced more. But maybe, if we are open to it, exactly how our children are living is exactly what we’ve lost along the way.

Maybe living a happier life on our own terms comes about after we flush out all of the noise we’ve heard and the nonsense we’ve been fed.

Maybe our kids, and the kid we used to be, have been right all along.