When you’re feeling like a failure, remember John Grisham.

He wrote his first novel, A Time To Kill, over 3 years only to be rejected by 28 publishers before garnering a meager $5,000 print deal with an unknown publisher, Wynwood Press.

He could’ve been defeated, given up on writing, and went back to being a Lawyer and Politician.

But, he persisted.

His next book, The Firm, became a best seller. So did, The Pelican Brief and The Client, among many others over two decades.

To top it off, because of the success of The Firm, his first book, A Time To Kill, started to gain traction and eventually became a best seller along with being turned into a Hollywood movie just like The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Client, and others.

Our first attempts may not work out. When we are unknown they have a higher likelihood of being dismissed.

Keep at it, keep showing up, and keep believing in your ability.

It’s a lot easier to dismiss someone’s work than to accept something different.

But being different is how you set yourself apart from the rest.

You may just have to wait it out longer than you think.

Only you know if it’s worth it or not.