When we are running up a hill into headwinds the initial thought might be to zig-zag back and forth to avoid hitting the wind head-on and to help level out the steepness of the hill as much as possible.

But the focus on the climb straight upward, even through the toughest conditions, will create the energy you need to get through it. “Avoiding it” may seem like a more ideal strategy but you can expel just as much energy and not nearly get as far. The headwinds can still push you back off-course. Life is going to be hard either way.

The best path is always forward. Through the suck. The discomfort will last much shorter and you’ll stay on course toward your intended path. You’ll come out stronger when you reach the pinnacle.

In the metaphor for life, if you’re going to accomplish something, full steam ahead into the storm is always the way to go.

Brace yourself and press on.

Life is going to be hard either way.