I’ve been bleeding the Just Get Started mission for several years.

The Podcast.
The Blogging.
The Children’s Books.
The Sales Consulting.
The Coaching calls and guidance.
The venturing out into the dark wilderness.

Almost weekly (or daily) I kick myself thinking I’m not good enough.
I shouldn’t be doing any of this.
Nobody is going to listen.
Nobody is going to care.
I’m not worthy.

And then I look in the mirror and ask myself the question I’ve asked hundreds of times.

“Why can’t it be you?”

Why can’t you be the one to help others who are struggling?
Why can’t you be the one to spread kindness to the world?
Why can’t you be the one to live a purposeful life?
Why can’t you be anything you desire to be?

The struggle is fucking real.

The fear.
The self-doubt.
The comparison bias.
The self-limiting beliefs.
The imposter syndrome.

We all have it. We all go through it. Nobody is immune to the demons lurking in our minds.

But, we press on, every day toward our “North Star” because it is bigger than any of us.

To shine goodness in the world and bring forth a new age of vulnerability and transparency that can help us bond and adapt together.

Whatever demons you’re trying to fend off just know you’re not alone.

We see you.
We hear you.
We are going through it, too.

Every time we get down on ourselves we must be willing to stand tall, face the mirror, and ask ourselves, “Why can’t it be you?”

And then look that person straight into the fucking eyes and answer with an emphatic, “It can be and it will be.”