This year is all about meeting people in real life. “IRL”, as the kids say.

I’ve met so many amazing humans virtually in recent years but my in-person connections were stagnant.

I missed that energy.

I needed to feel it again.

So I’m completely changing that in 2024.

Here’s why you should too:

Energy – We feed off the energy of others. When we are in the presence of amazing humans it excites us, makes us feel empowered and we feel a part of something bigger. It provides the kick in our steps for future growth.

Community – People come in and out of our lives but it’s the ones that we deeply connect with that remain consistent. Why not add more of these people? Why not connect those people with others? Why not create your community?

Ideation – When we get together with others the ideas start flowing. The banter is electric and we feed off each other. Sure you can get that virtually but the energy doesn’t flow through the screen nearly as well as in person.

Raise your quality of life – if you believe you are the average of the 5 friends you hang around with the most then have you audited those folks lately and explored new people that could add value? They are out there if you’re willing to open up to new connections.

Connection is so important in an ever-isolated digital world.

I’d encourage you to get out a get around some more humans.

We are social animals after all.