How do you feel after doing the thing you wanted to do?


When we’ve made an attempt, no matter the outcome, we feel positively about trying the attempt.

We have a burst of energy and feel alive.

So why do we have trouble showing up the next day?

As it gets harder, it will challenge us more. Our identity will start to be tied to that thing.

And it scares the hell out of us.

Because we don’t feel like we are enough.

We just have a very hard time admitting it.

Showing up to exercise.
Sitting down to write that book.
Putting time into your relationship.

What matters most is you show up. First and foremost. Then, the more you do it the more confident you’ll become. You’ll be able to challenge yourself further. You’ll start to believe you are enough.

Because you are.

You just haven’t allowed yourself to admit it yet.