We are provided with countless opportunities to rate our experience and review the services provided by others. With technology, reviews have grown in popularity, and become much easier to ask us for our feedback.

We gladly provide it, in most cases, and it’s oftentimes the more critical reviews that get our attention. When it is something that impacts us we want the highest quality products and services and do not want to settle for less.

But when have we thought about our interactions with others and the level of attention we give to them?

There are countless distractions, in more ways than on, while the person on the other side of the table or Zoom call is expecting us to be fully invested. 

What level of “service” would we rate ourselves in these encounters? 

It may be more valuable to our growth if we recognize when we are failing to focus on the people right in front of us and can be more attentive to their needs.

We might find that we build more empathy and compassion for others and help to improve our trust and communication with all of our relationships.