“I get to be on a lot of Podcasts and have to say that this conversation was so different.”

That was feedback from a recent Just Get Started Podcast guest interview.

I’ve interviewed over 350 people and I’ve gotten that type of feedback regularly, especially in the last few years.

It’s weird typing this because it sounds braggadocios but I think it’s relevant to those starting out.

I never considered myself a great interviewer. In fact, I’d beat myself up often for feeling like I didn’t do a great job. I had a lot of negative self-talk.

But as I continue to hear this compliment more and more it’s allowed me to step back and give myself some credit.

It isn’t luck.

I’ve put in the work. 

→ I research for 30-60 min for every interview.

→ I write topics, not questions.

→ I take a curious mindset into it.

→ I seek to learn versus seek to respond.

→ I put aside my ego and let the guests shine.

→ I treat it like a coffee chat versus a formal “one-way” interview.

We need to pat ourselves on the back when we are given a compliment and accept that it is genuine.

It’s a small gesture that confirms we’ve improved.

We’ll never be “perfect” but we can be better than we were yesterday.

Put in the reps, be willing to learn, and continue to believe in our abilities.

It’s amazing what we can achieve if we Just Get Started.