We must stop using “fake it til you make it.”

Catchy phrasing, wrong mindset.

We aren’t “faking” anything

  • We are living.
  • We are learning.
  • We are adapting.
  • We are transforming.

We aren’t “faking” anything because when would we even know we actually “make it”? When would we turn off “faking it”?

→ The lines are too blurred. 

It’s not how we want to live.

Because it’s not the truth.

We aren’t “faking” anything.

We are being real and true to ourselves. 

We are stepping out onto the ledge with the willingness to take a leap of faith. We are being more true to what we want than we’ve ever been before.

  • Change your mindset.
  • Change your approach.
  • Change your outlook.

Don’t belittle yourself.

→ You’re not “faking” it. 

  • You’re exposed.
  • You’re earning your stripes.
  • You’re as authentic as you’re ever been.

That’s the only way you truly “make it” anyways.