One bite.

That’s the rule in my house.

When my son was younger he’d cringe at the sign of eating anything that didn’t look like candy and chips.

If it had what appeared to be an ounce of healthy benefit there’d be a tantrum about how he didn’t like it.

But the thing is, he never tried it.

How did he know?

He didn’t. He has created a story in his head just like we all do.

Something looks different, scary, or unknown.

We avoid it like the plague.

So that’s why we added a rule that we agreed upon together.

I won’t force him to eat anything he doesn’t like but he has to try at least one bite.

He’s venturing into uncharted waters but knows he has a lifeboat if he needs it.

He has a chance to explore and discover with minimal risk.

→ The Lesson ←

When you’re trying to start something, maybe the reason you’re struggling is the goal is too big.

Start small. Take one bite. See if you even like it first.

And then go forward based on the knowledge you acquire.

Then do it again tomorrow.

We don’t fear “the thing” as much as we fear the unknown that “the thing” may bring.

Take out the risk.

You might find more things you enjoy after all.