In the National Football League, most teams run many of the same plays and they have adapted those plays over the years to work for their specific scheme and personnel. 

That’s a great way to look at where we should spend our time when working on projects.

There is so much content online that other creators have put out freely to be helpful and we can utilize those pieces to eliminate the need to create everything from scratch ourselves.

We first need to determine what is the most important for us to shape and mold ourselves and what isn’t as important and can be adapted slightly using templates and content available.

Too often, we waste hours on something that has already been created, and borrowing it, as the creator intended, is a perfectly viable option. We should be looking to spend the majority of our time on creating the work that makes us come alive and leaving the less important and mundane aspects to adopting things already out in the world. 

Spending a little time researching opportunities to not reinvent the wheel upfront can save us a ton of time and energy on the back-end.