If you’re thinking about doing the thing.

That’s not doing the thing.

Neither is reading about it, studying it, observing it, or hypothesizing about it.

I can read about how coffee beans grow, what they’re made of, and the best climates to produce them in.

I can experiment with different blends of coffee, roast for various amounts of time, and work on the volume of beans per cup.

But none of it, not one bit, makes me qualified to discuss coffee.

Because I haven’t tasted it.

Once that first sip hits your lips, you’ve entered a new dimension.

→ You’re living it.

→ You’re experiencing it.

→ You don’t need to guess any longer, you’ve done the thing.

Stop overthinking starting the thing you want.

Stop reading about it.

Stop fantasizing about it.

Stop coming up with ideas about it.

Just try doing it. 

Even the most microscopic attempt.

That experience trumps anything you will learn from reading it in a book or watching it on a video.

You have gone beyond knowledge and are in the world of knowing.

That’s a special place to hang out in.