There is a lot that divides us as Americans.

But one thing unites us more than anything.

The National Anthem.

It doesn’t matter what we are doing. Whether at an event or watching the game at home, when we hear, “Everyone please rise for our National Anthem”, we stop and turn to face the flag.

We take off our hats and stop talking. We pay respect to the performers and we pay respect to our country.

We can respect that hundreds of years ago, people fought hard to make us free.

We can be grateful that people have sacrificed their lives to maintain that freedom today.

We won’t have to agree with everything going on and the decisions being made by political leaders. We won’t have the same viewpoints on moral issues. We won’t all get along.

We even have the luxury to complain, bicker, and create division over issues we care deeply about that are happening in our communities and around our country.

We have been allowed to share our views, speak out, and voice our concerns.

We should be grateful for that freedom and protect it at all costs.