We can make the argument that either deep exploration or a wide-spanning of information can work for a lot of varying situations. Part of it depends on the outcome goal. Defining that might alter the route we go.

Wide spanning and surface-level focus might be valuable as we try to discover new and exciting things. We can spend a small amount of time dabbling without committing a ton of time and energy as we figure out if we like it or not. This can be valuable to exposing ourselves to new endeavors and adventures.

At some point, if we ever want to rise above the noise we have to put a tremendous focus on going deep. Deep into a niche, deep into one direction, deep into learning.

It’s very uncomfortable to put a line in the sand because we have to make a decision and the accountability now comes on us to invest time and energy on one area knowing that we’ll “miss out” on dozens of other potential routes.

We can hang at the surface and be safe but the real growth and change happen when we dive deeper and give it all that we have without worrying about the alternatives.