Fear creates walls around us.

Walls where we hope, by constructing them, we don’t get harmed by perceived threats.

For added measure, fear puts a roof overtop us to shelter from any potential future storm. There are no windows or doors. We fortified the fortress.

Better not even walk outside, there is some probability it’ll rain at some point.

Fear limits us. We are confined by these walls. We think they are keeping us safe but they are actually stifling our growth.

We need to spread our wings. We need to be free.

It doesn’t mean we have to sprint out of the house and frolic in unchartered land. It just means we need to inch ourselves forward, create an opening in the foundation, and peak out.

There are many ways to deal with fear. The first is to understand that it’s all made up in our own heads.

It’s a fictional story.

It’s an imaginary friend.

Try just one small thing today to lean into fear and then ask yourself “Did this really cause me any harm?”

The answer may surprise you.

It may give you the confidence to try it again tomorrow.

Who knows, you might be playing outside your comfort zone in no time at all.