It’s hard to argue that consistency is one of the key ingredients to accomplishing anything. If we don’t put in the time and energy into something for an extended period of time then there can’t be expectations that “success” will be achieved.

However, we have to keep in mind that as the days, weeks, and months pass we are growing and changing and so too should our investment in our awareness and how we continue to adjust the navigation points toward our future.

We must continue to review our work at various checkpoints throughout the journey to make sure we are still proud of what we have put out into the world and that it is continually leading us toward our North Star.

Just saying we’ve started something and have kept it going for an extended period of time does nothing if it is not providing us the value it once did.

Consistency is only good if we keep adapting and adjusting the finish line to keep up with the ever-changing course of life. If we are doing the same things we were doing a few years ago then it may be a good time to assess the “why” and alter the navigation to point in a newer direction which might lead to much more prosperity and happiness in our lives.