Doing anything of relevance is hard.

It takes some time with some level of effort to have the chance to have success.

→ The people who don’t succeed think it’s not possible.

→ The people who do understand that there is a formula.

If we are baking a cake we don’t turn on the oven put in a baking pan and expect a cake to come out.

We have to have the right ingredients, sometimes in the right order, and maybe at the right time.

The conditions have to be set so the cake can take form when it’s time to bake. 

Do you want to become the healthiest you’ve ever been?

  • How do you schedule your day so exercise doesn’t get missed?
  • What is your pantry stocked with when you’re hungry?
  • What time are you going to sleep each night?

All of these boundaries are for our own good.

They help us make decisions.

More importantly, they set the conditions for us to become successful.